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Help & Support

Microsoft Windows and macOS

For PC and Mac users, you will require:

  • a USB C-to-C cable (provided), or
  • a USB A-to-C cable (not provided)

Remember to have your personalized Super X-Fi profile loaded onto your SXFI AMP before attempting to set-up on your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Connect SXFI AMP with your headphones

Connect your preferred headphones to the SXFI AMP, select the headphone profile via the ‘Headphone Selection' tab in the SXFI app via your Android phone.

Connect your PC or Mac to the SXFI AMP with the USB C-to-C cable¹ provided.

Step 2: Connect SXFI AMP with your device

Unplug your Android phone and connect your SXFI AMP and headphones with your PC or Mac.

Step 3: Set-up Complete

Tips and tricks for better audio experience:

For PC
For Mac